How to Spy on Your Competitors' SEO & Steal Their Traffic

How to Spy on Your Competitors’ SEO & Steal Their Traffic

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In this video, William shows you his step-by-step process of spying on your competitors’ SEO & stealing their traffic.

If you’re not doing competitive analysis to figure out what’s working for your competitors, then it is possible that none of their strategies are successful. This could be a missed opportunity because on today’s SEO training I am going to teach how “spy” and find ways around their current techniques so we can get more traffic from our website!

0:00 How do I spy on competitors’ SEO?
1:25 How do you steal competitors’ web traffic?
1:54 How do I legally spy on my competition?
3:15 How can I check my competitor traffic for free?
4:15 How can I spy on website traffic?
5:15 How do I spy on Google competitors?
6:12 Is it illegal to spy on your competitors?
6:45 What is the analysis you do for the competition?

Presently I will impart to you how you can get the entirety of this data and the best part is that for nothing. So stage one, go to an instrument called Ubersuggest.

Pick the manner in which you need there. I presently need you to type in a URL of your rivals. It very well may be any of them.

Stage two, you will see a report that just stacked up. This will give you their general traffic per area. You’ll see that Ubersuggest separates it per area and this is significant. You’ll see that your deals will essentially come from a couple districts.
Regardless of whether you’re a worldwide business, you’ll be more grounded in specific districts over others. This is the reason Ubersuggest, it’s separated per area. Presently I need you to look down and see the top pages. Navigate that.



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How to Spy on Your Competitors’ SEO & Steal Their Traffic

#howtospyonyourcompetitorsseo #seohacking #localseo


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Best Keyword Research Tools for Content and SEO

In this video, you will learn how to do keyword research with tools for content ideas and SEO. Some of the keyword tools are free and some are paid, just choose the best that suits your need. And remember that keywords research should be the foundation of your content marketing strategy, so it’s vital to discover and choose the best keyword research tool for your business.

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Best platforms to sell digital product:
Make money online:
Digital product ideas:
How to start a podcast:

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NOT Every Keyword is Worth Pursuing in SEO (Here’s Why)

Just because a keyword gets a lot of traffic, it doesn’t mean it’s worth going after. Today I’m going to break down, how not every keyword is worth pursuing an SEO and why.



Going after keywords that are too competitive is a waste of time, specially if you have a low domain authority. Look, if you’re going after keywords like credit cards and your brand new site, your chance of ranking are slim to none, you’re going to spend all this time and effort and money to try to get there, and you’re not going to get the results anytime soon.

You’re better off going after keywords that can provide quicker results, and then once you’re getting some rankings, you’re generating some traffic, some revenue, then in the long run, you can invest after those harder terms that take longer to rank for.

Before I dive in with the tactics, I’ve got a quick stop for you. I get over 9 million visitors a month, but less than .1%, not 1%, I’m saying .1% of those visitors, ever become a customer. High volume keywords don’t mean much to go after if they don’t have the correct intent.

So how do you find out the right keywords to go after? Well, step one, go to Uber suggests. Step two, type in the keyword related to your industry. Step three, you’ll see a report that loads on Ubersuggest that just has overview on the traffic and some stars of the keyword. In the left hand navigation I want you to click on the keyword Ideas report. And when you click on the Keyword Ideas report, you’ll see a button on the very right called Keywords I Can Rank For.

If you don’t see it, that means you need a log in. It’s free to log in. And once you log in, you can put in your domain name. And when you put it in your domain name, Ubersuggest will analyze your site and show you that an appropriate list of keywords that you can target, that you actually have a shot of ranking for and the shorter timeframe versus waiting years to get rankings for.

Now filter the base on the intent of what is relevant to your proctor services that you’re selling. And what you’ll find is Ubersuggest will break down if a keyword is easy to rank for or hard to rank for. Ideally target the ones that are the easiest to rank for, because it’ll show as your difficulty score.

Even though you have a list of all the keywords that you can rank for, pick the ones that are not just the most relevant to your business, but pick the ones that have the lowest SEO difficulty score. That means you’ll be able to get the results faster. That’s what I want you to start doing.

Now the next thing I want you to do is that you go to the Site Audit Report within Ubersuggest. If you’re starting off with SEO, it’s not all about traffic, it’s all about ranking for the right keywords that drive a results in the short run so that you will have more money to invest in more long-term marketing approaches.

With the Site Audit report, put in your URL, it’ll break down all the Errors, what you need to fix, what’s the most crucial, what is more suggested and isn’t as crucial, how fast your website’s loading, load speeds are really important factor because more people are browsing your website or pretty much the internet these days off of mobile devices than they are on desktop devices.

And what’s cool with the Ubersuggest audit report is, it breaks out each and every single error in priority. What I mean by that is the ones listed at the top show you “hey, you need to fix these errors first because they’ll have the biggest impact on your rankings and track.” And then you second, third, fourth. So just knock them all down in order.

The last thing I want you to do is go create a project within Ubersuggest. So go to your dashboard, add a project, put in your URL, and put in the keywords that you want to rank for, and that you’re targeting.

You know, at the beginning, maybe not week over week or day over day, but in the long run, quarter over quarter, you’ll definitely see your rankings go up and if you fast forward a little bit, you’ll start seeing your rankings go up to page one and page two.

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$300 Secret SEO Hack Makes Money With SIMPLE Keyword Research

Would you like to know a secret SEO hack that makes $300 a day just by performing simple keyword research?

A lot of people really liked my video that I did recently on how you can make money by changing meta tags on a website but I didn’t go in-depth on how to actually find profitable and EASY keywords to rank for.

1. Define the goal (how many leads do you want?)
2. Type in a keyword then plug URLs into GKWP
3. Run a site audit
4. Incorporate new keywords into titles


[00:00:00] Introduction
[00:00:26] Figure out the search rate to define goal
[00:01:26] Google Keyword Planner
[00:02:36] Look for whose ranking for the intended keywords
[00:03:27] Plug the website in Keyword planner
[00:04:13] A tool that can extract and export keywords for the main topic
[00:06:30] Two options for ranking a keyword
[00:06:46] Go to Shine audit
[00:08:06] Match the keywords to the website
[00:09:32] How to sell audit to a potential client
[00:10:38] Build pages
[00:12:17] Get the SEO tools and resources in

-Chase R


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Learn SEO for Free Using Official Guides & Our Videos | List of Free Resources & Videos to Learn SEO

👉Start Here:
You can now learn SEO for free using official guides, trustworthy articles, and our videos that will guide you step by step on how to get familiar with the basics of SEO.

00:00 – Intro
01:20 – What to become SEO Expert or SEO Professional
04:09 – Steps to Learn SEO
04:19 – Basics of SEO
10:32 – Intermediate
12:26 – Advance
13:18 – Area of SEO
14:02 – Mythbusting

Learn SEO for Free Using Official Guides & Our Videos | List of Free Resources & Videos to Learn SEO
Off-Page SEO Checklist | All Steps of Off-Page SEO Explained | Off-Page SEO in Hindi :
Part 7 – Crawl Stats | Google Search Console Complete Tutorial :
Indexing Problems in Google | Crawled, Currently not indexed | Discovered, currently not indexed :
Part 3 – Sitemap | Google Search Console Complete Series In Hindi

What Is Canonical Tag In Hindi | How To Use Canonical Tag :
Image SEO | How To Rank in Google Images | Alt Attribute Writing With Example :
Art of fake SEO teaching:
Google My Business listing me social media links kaise jode:
SEO Last Month:
1 Mahine me Google Listing Ko Top Par Kaise Laye:
Google Analytics –
Marketing & Advertising Of Restaurants –

Learn SEO for Free Using Official Guides & Our Videos | List of Free Resources & Videos to Learn SEO
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Call: +91 8282824232 [10 AM – 7 PM Indian Standard Time, Sunday Off] Website:

Learn SEO for Free Using Official Guides & Our Videos | List of Free Resources & Videos to Learn SEO

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My Favorite SEO Report – Uncover Your Competitors' SEO Strategy in a Few Clicks

There’s over 200 ranking factors in Google’s algorithm. So, how the heck are you going to have all the time to keep up with all of them, so you can improve your rankings and your traffic? There must be an easier way, or maybe even one report that you can use to grow your traffic. Today I’m going to break down my favorite SEO report.


The thing about SEO is a lot of tools out there have very similar reports and features. And the feature I’m going to end up breaking down. I do it through Ubersuggest because you can get it for free, or if you want to pay for it, there’s a lot of other SEO tools that also have this feature.

So, I want you to go to and put in your domain name. If you don’t have a lot of traffic, then put putting one of your competitor’s domains that is much more popular. If you’re not sure who one of your competitors would be, just do a Google search.

Now you’ll find that some of these websites aren’t too similar and some of them are. So, as I’m going through them, I’m going to take out the ones that I know aren’t that similar.

And then now I have a decent list of competitors that I know that are similar and I do compete with on a regular basis. Even if, they don’t do the same exact business as you if you know that they talk about some of the same stuff and they write similar blog posts.

Now what this report shows you is how many keywords your site is getting traffic for, and how many keywords your competitors are getting.

I actually want you to focus on keywords gap. What keywords gap is, it shows you all the keywords that your competitors rank for, that you don’t rank for. And that’s why this is my favorite SEO report. The reason being is this gives me a big list of new keywords that I should be targeting that I may not be.

And what you’ll find is that some of the keywords that your competitors rank for is not really relevant for your company, like, how to get your contacts? HubSpot offers an email tool.

And I would make a list of all the keywords that my competitors rank for that I don’t. And then I want to use that to come up with a list of keywords that I should be going after that are relevant for my business.

Like, again, I wouldn’t want to rank for two factor authentication options but I would want to rank for long scroll website examples, the reason being is we offer conversion optimization services at my ad agency. NP Digital, and some people may be looking for long sales letter type web pages and they can use that to potentially get more leads, or types of demand in marketing.

You know, if people are looking for demand marketing or inbound marketing or unknown contacts on Facebook messenger, not too relevant, but maybe somewhat. And I would do this for a lot of my competitors.

So, if I do this for every single one of my competitors and I’m going to click view all again to close it. And I do it for all the competitors that are relevant, what ends up happening is, this all now have a massive list of keywords that I should be going after, that I want other people to find me for or new people to find me for, my competition ranks for an item. That’s why this is my favorite SEO report.

And then you would just go and create content around those topics. And if you’re not familiar with, hey, what kind of content should I create around these topics? You just Google them. So, one of the keywords was Facebook business manager. So, when I google Facebook business manager, there’s Facebook, there’s Hootsuite example how to use Facebook business manager.

And this could be a great example of all right, what kind of content do I need to create if I want to rank at the top? And if you do this for all those keywords you’ll get an idea of what you need to do to get more traffic from new keywords.

So that’s it. I recommend that you check out that report. It’s really easy to use. There’s a free version of it as well.

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SEO Keyword Research Tutorial: How To Find Good Keywords

Today I will show you how to find low competition keywords using great SEO Keyword Research strategies. Together, we’ll learn how to do keyword research and the methods of SEO keyword analysis.

Google keyword research is an important process if you want to get more free traffic to your website. I want to show you free keyword research methods that you can start implementing today to get more traffic to your website or blog.


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If you want to get free traffic to your website, SEO is the best way to get that traffic. However, finding great SEO keywords can be confusing. Many places also advise to buy expensive tools.

Well, today I am showing you how to do SEO keyword research for free, without using any tools. This method will show you how to find good keywords for your blog, for your website, by just using free tools such as Google Keyword Planner and Google Auto-Suggest.

We will also go through and find out how to choose keywords from a big list of “potential keywords” that actually have a great chance of ranking on Page 1 of Google, even on a weak / new website.

Step 1 of the process is to generate keyword lists. In today’s video, I will show you 4 different ways to generate lots of “hidden” keywords, which noone else knows about. You see, most people use Keyword Tools which always produce the same sets of keywords, so everyone ends up competing for the same keywords.

Well, in this video, I will show you how to use your brain and Google to find great keywords, which noone else is using.

Step 2 of the process is to go through SEO keyword analysis process to remove low-potential keywords. Using my approach, I’ve been able to get huge amounts of organic traffic, and I hope that you will be able to do the same, using today’s video.


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#CaffeinatedBlogger #AffiliateMarketing


Greg Kononenko
(The Caffeinated Blogger)


00:00 Intro & Proof (don’t skip)
01:18 Find Keywords Method 1
06:02 Find Keywords Method 2
07:12 Find Keywords Method 3
12:57 Validation: Can You Rank?

Earnings Disclaimer: There is no guarantee that you will make any money by following the advice in this video. Your results will vary depending on your effort and other factors. This video is for entertainment and education purposes only and no guarantees are made. This is not financial or business advice.

*Affiliate Disclaimer: Any links you click might be affiliate links. I might be paid a commission for any purchases made via the links in this video.


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7 Advanced Keyword Research Tips for SEO (Works in 2021)

Keyword research will make or break your SEO performance.

Most people haphazardly pick keywords and this is a huge mistake.

You need to have a strong process in place to make you’re targeting the RIGHT keywords.

In this video, I’m going to share 7 advanced keyword research tips for 2021. Follow these techniques and you’ll get ahead of 99.9% of people trying to do SEO.

And make sure you watch until the end because the sixth tip is one I’m super excited to show you.

I’ll give you a hint: NO ONE is using this technique. Most people rely on traditional keyword research tools and they’re missing out on HUGE SEO opportunities. Not you though!

You’ll be able to use this simple technique when you watch the entire video.

Watch now and let me know you’re excited to learn these keyword research tips by liking the video right away.


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The Complete 2021 SEO Guide and Tutorial

This is a comprehensive 2021 guide to SEO. So if you want a step-by-step walkthrough that shows you every single step, you’ll love the actionable tactics in this video.

So, what will you learn in this video?

First up, I’m going to show you how to find untapped keywords that your competition doesn’t know about yet. The truth is: most people approach keyword research the WRONG way. Specifically, they go after keywords that are way too competitive.

And right off the bat you’ll see exactly how to find keywords that people search for. But aren’t so competitive that you have zero chance of ranking in Google for them.

Next up, it’s time to learn how to optimize your content using SEO strategies that are working right now.

Now that you have a piece of content that’s SEO-optimized, it’s time for the fun stuff: link building! Yup, link building (aka building backlinks) is still super important for SEO. And in this step I’ll show you how to get started.

In the end you’ll have a short and sweet SEO tutorial that you can use to rank higher in Google.

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YouTube SEO: YouTube Keyword Research and Video Ranking DEEP DIVE!

YouTube SEO: Search Engine Optimization can feel complicated, today we will cover EXACTLY how I do my keyword research on YouTube and how YouTube Tags and Keywords work and how to rank videos in YouTube Search with proper SEO. My friend Vyyyper will be joining me to give the Small YouTuber Perspective on Keywords and YouTube SEO as well, and we will take you through how to setup Keywords in your titles, descriptions, and tags!

#YouTubeLive #YouTubeTips #Streamyard

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How I Do YouTube SEO and Keyword Research for YouTube Videos | How to Rank YouTube Videos | Seo 2021

(Fiverr, YouTube & YouTube SEO) Paid Courses Hasil Karne Kay Lia Whatsapp Karen. Number: 0317- 0565779. Course Kay Ilawa Question Hai to Instagram Par DM Karen. Thanks
Instagram ➤
Assalam O Alikum!
In this Video I Am Goona Telling You That How I Do YouTube SEO and Keyword Research for YouTube Videos | How to Rank YouTube Videos | Seo 2021
If You want to rank youtube videos through youtube video seo then watch this video complete. I will tell you about Google Keyword Planner Tool for Better ranking on YouTube. Keyword research is most important thing to rank videos on YouTube and I will share Seo 2021 tips and my experience about how to rank youtube videos fast.

Second Channel Link:

The Main points that we will cover in this video are as following:
1- How I Do YouTube SEO
2- What is YouTube SEO
3- Keyword Research for YouTube Videos
4- How to Rank YouTube Videos
5- How to rank youtube videos fast.
6- Google Keyword Planner
7- Keyword planner
8- Keyword planner tool
9- youtube seo tips
10- youtube video seo
_____________________________/SOCIAL LINKS___________________________________

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My 9 Favorite Free SEO Tools For 2021

In this video you’re going to see my favorite SEO tools right now.

And did I mention that they’re all free? Well, they are.

Now, to be clear: this isn’t just a list of tools. That’s not super valuable. Especially for a video.

So what I’m going to do in this video is show you how to get the most out the SEO tools that I talk about. Including how I personally use each of them.

For example, one of the tools on the list is called Seed Keywords. This is one of those tools that a lot of people sleep on. But to me, it can be SUPER valuable. That is, if you know how to use it.

And in the beginning of the video I show you how to use this free SEO tool the right way.

It’s the same story for the other tools on my list, including Exploding Topics, The Google Search Console, and more.

For each of the tools I’ll show you what each tool is. And what it does. But I’ll also give you tactical ways to squeeze the most value out of each one.

So yeah, I hope you enjoy this list of my 9 favorite free SEO tools that I use all the time.

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New Website SEO – How to Optimize Your Site in 2020

SEO. It’s so hot right now, and for good reason. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is what makes it so others can find you on Google. Have you been wondering how you do SEO for a website. Or, you have implemented SEO, and need to learn a bit about SEO website optimization. Maybe you have a new website, and you need to make sure your SEO is tight. In this episode, Scott is going to take you through the Top 5 changes you can make right now to improve SEO on your new website, with a special guest appearance from HostGator SEO Expert Alexis Krasinski.

In this video we’ll cover:
How to Perform Keyword Research
How to Plan out your Site’s Architecture
How to Think Mobile First
How to Improve Page Speed
How to Optimize On-Page Elements

Check out our blog for some additional SEO tips and tricks:

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Keyword Research Part 1 – SEO Unlocked – Free SEO Course with Neil Patel

Welcome to another day of SEO Unlocked. Today is very exciting because we’re going to start the journey into keyword research. This is one of the most fundamental steps of SEO and the reason being is keywords is where it all starts. That’s how people find you.

Download the Musketeer Persona Worksheet:

SEO Unlocked Course Playlist:

Google Search Console:

Are you getting the right traffic?

As I mentioned, picking the right keywords will make you more money and picking the wrong ones will hurt you

You can use Ubersuggest, It’s a tool I built, there’s a free version of it that anyone can go and use and you can get tons of keywords ideas and it breaks it down not just based on popularity, but also what’s most likely going to convert and generate you revenue as well. And there’s tons of reports in it and I’ll show you how to use it over the period of this course.

When you go to Ubersuggest on the left-hand navigation side, you’ll see a link that says Keyword Ideas. When you type it in a keyword that you’re trying to go after anything related to your space such as like shaving or razors, it’ll tell you what’s popular, the cost per click, the SEO difficulty, that’s the word SD you see the abbreviation there or PD is paid difficulty.

When SEO difficulty is under 40 it’s easier to rank for, when it’s over 40 it gets harder and harder to rank for.

And on the right side of the keyword ideas report, it shows you all the people that are ranked for that keyword. How many visits are roughly getting from that keyword? How many backlinks they have?

And this will give you ideas of if a keyword is good, right?

In addition to that, if you don’t want to use Ubersuggest there’s many other ways you can go and find keywords out there.

Things like Wikipedia or other content pages around the web that have really detailed content can give you keyword ideas as well because these articles are filled with lucrative keywords.

You want to rank because you not only do you want traffic, but you need to be able to solve the customer’s problem. If you solve their problem, you’re much more likely to rank.

There’s really five steps to keyword success.
The first is you need to build your keyword list, then need to research your target musketeer, then you need to understand the keyword metrics. Next you need to match the customer journey and of course, last but not least, you need to refine your keyword list.

So first building a keyword list, you go to and you’ll be able to download the PDF there and it breaks down how you can use it and what you need to do step by step.

Second, you need to research your target musketeer right? It’s all about researching that individual.

The other thing that I like doing is Ubersuggest, right? It’s a tool on you can go to neil or in the navigation just click on the Tools link and then Ubersuggest type in any keyword on the left-hand navigation once you go to the Keyword Ideas Report, you’ll see a list of suggestions.

You don’t want to just be reactive as a marketer or as an SEO, you want to be proactive and going after areas that people are going to be more interested in in the future.

You can also correlate intent through prepositions. And these are all long-term opportunities that you should be trying to rank for because these long-tail keywords, a lot of people aren’t thinking about them and yes they don’t drive the most amount of traffic today but six months from now, a year from now, it adds up and it can drive quite a bit in conversions.

Then of course there’s Social Shares, so on Ubersuggest whenever you type in a keyword on the left hand navigation, there’s a navigation button called Content Ideas.

So people are like, Hey Neil, it’s easy for you but hey, when you’re a new website and even if you get 10, 20, 50, 100 visitors, hey, it shows up in Google Search Console.

The other thing that you can do and this is what I love doing, is I like setting up a project on Ubersuggest and I put in my own website or you can put in your competitor’s website.

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How to Use Ahrefs for SEO and Competitor Research

Learn how to use Ahrefs for SEO and to get more traffic to your website.
Try Ahrefs SEO tools ►

Ahrefs provides premium SEO tools for keyword research, competitive analysis, website traffic, backlink checking, and more.

While these are some of the more “popular” things that our toolset is known for, there is a lot more to Ahrefs than this.

In this basic tutorial, you’ll learn 11 powerful ways to use Ahrefs effectively.

1. Find content opportunities based on your competitor’s pages that get the most search traffic.
How to Find Pages That Send Your Competitors Organic Search Traffic ►

2. Research the quality of your competitors backlinks and get an understanding of how they got them.
Backlink Analysis and Link Building Video Series ►

3. Find low competition topics with high traffic potential.
How to Find Guest Blogging Sites and Easy Keyword Targets with Content Explorer ►

4. Find keyword data from 10 different search engines.
How to Do Keyword Research in Ahrefs ►

5. Find a ton of relevant guest blogging sites
Guest Posting at Scale: Get Tons of High Quality Backlinks ►

6. Find new link building opportunities on complete autopilot.
How to Find High Quality Backlink Opportunities (in Real Time) ►

7. How to do a content gap analysis
How to Do an Effective Content Gap Analysis for SEO ►

8. Preserve “link juice” from your broken pages.

9. Find broken link building opportunities from your competitors’ websites
Broken Link Building in Action (Strategies, Outreach Emails and Stats Revealed) ►

10. Perform a technical SEO audit on your website
SEO Audit: How to Fix Your Website’s Technical SEO Issues (Tutorial) ►

11. Track your keyword rankings across 170+ countries
Ahrefs’ Rank Tracker Overview and Tutorial ►


0:43 Find content opportunities from competitors’ pages with high traffic
2:01 Research your competitors’ high-quality backlinks
4:09 Find low-competition topics with high traffic potential
5:06 Find keyword data from 10 different search engines
5:42 Find a ton of relevant sites for guest blogging
7:17 Find new link building opportunities on autopilot
8:15 Perform a content gap analysis
9:44 Preserve “link juice” from your broken pages
10:24 Find broken-link building opportunities
10:55 Perform a technical SEO audit on your website
12:13 Track your keyword rankings across 170+ countries

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SEO Tutorial: 10 Detailed Steps to Rank #1 in Google

In this SEO tutorial, you’ll learn a 10-step process to rank your pages higher in Google by using a blog to fuel your rankings and revenue.

Reading about new tactics and strategies can be confusing and frustrating. One blog post will tell you to do something, and the next will insist you to do something completely different.

In this video, Sam Oh walks you through an example of ranking a fictitious pet food and accessories eCommerce store by using a blog. More importantly, he shows you how to do it.

Here is a quick summary of the 10-step SEO checklist (actionable tips are provided for each step in the video).

1. Topic research and a quick competitor analysis.
2. Keyword research
3. How to create content that’s better than your competition
4. On-Page optimization tips on newly created content
5. Title optimization for improved CTR and publishing
6. Page speed optimization
7. Promote the heck out of your content via. link building and email outreach.
8. Optimization via. Google Analytics
9. Optimization via. Google Search Console
10. Relaunch and repromote your content

If you’re new to SEO, it’s tough to learn everything you need to know in 23 minutes. Here are some additional video tutorials that will help you rank in Google or improve your current Google rankings.

Full Keyword Research Series:

Backlink Analysis and Link Building Series

Top 10 On-Page SEO Techniques (Backed by Data)

13 SEO Tips that ACTUALLY Work


1:39 Start with topic research and a quick competitor analysis
5:24 Do deeper keyword research
7:12 Create content that’s better than your competition
10:29 On-Page optimization tips on newly created content
14:12 Optimize your title for improved CTR and publishing
15:06 Optimize your page speed
17:05 Promote the heck out of your content
19:48 Analyze your stats in Google Analytics and Google Search Console
21:40 Relaunch and repromote your content

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