Looking to get the most out of your site’s silo structure? In this video, you will learn everything you need to know about SEO silos and website architecture. Maximize your site’s SEO now with proper SEO siloing and interlinking…

By properly interlinking various types of pages in categories (silos), you’ll increase your chances of ranking for both competitive SEO keywords as well as effortlessly ranking for longtail keywords.

In this video, you’ll find..

00:05 What is an SEO Silo?
00:21 Benefits of a planned site architecture
01:47 Keyword Research
03:42 Internal Linking

**SEO Silo Configurations**
04:05 #1 Top-Down Recycle
06:54 #2 Reverse Silo
08:44 #3 Serial Silo
10:29 #4 YOLO Silo (Every Page)
11:22 #5 Priority Silo (Advanced)

13:09 The Best SILO Configuration
13:57 FAQs
18:42 Three Main Goals on Interlinking

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