Hey SEO Pro! Today we talk about how you can make money with SEO Meta Tags. More specifically, we cover:

1. What is SEO Meta Data?
2. Meta Data Audit
3. Titles (keyword + qualifier)
4. Meta Description
5. Open Graph Data
6. Meta Keywords
7. Schema Markup
8. Title and Alt tags


[00:00:00] Introduction
[00:01:00] What is Meta tag?
[00:02:10] SEO audit tool
[00:04:25] Title tag
[00:05:42] How keyword works
[00:06:17] Tool that automatically find keywords which are ranking
[00:09:08] Basic title and meta description
[00:14:45] Open Graph Data
[00:16:17] Meta Keywords
[00:17:00] Schema Mark up
[00:18:05] Title and Alt tags
[00:18:35] Three things you need to focus
[00:19:27] How to access SEO resources

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