Essential Tips on How to Improve Your Ranking with Semantic Keyword Research

Starting off from the Panda update last year down to the latest Penguin update launched early this year, the SEO landscape has changed and so with your SEO strategy. While everything about SEO techniques are changing, there is one thing that remains the same from the start – the keyword.

Indeed the keyword remains essential to both content and link strategies. However, there is this one change that is coming into Google’s pipeline that will change keywords and this is the use of semantic keyword search.

This is used when you want to know what the users mean when they type in specific keywords in the search box. For instance, if a web visitor key in the keyword “Philippines SEO” do they mean, they want to avail of SEO service in the Philippines? Or they simply want to know more about the process of SEO in the Philippines? Or they are comparing prices from other countries that offer SEO service?

The semantic keyword search will then filter out all related search and look for clues on how you actually entered the keywords. For instance, you use Google search on your smart phone to find Philippines SEO services, the semantic will then recognize your location via the GPS on your phone and deliver you related results based on your location.  In other words, the result will be “Philippines SEO + your location”

This will create a big impact to SEO since you are able to identify the right keywords based on the user’s purpose. You can make use of these related keyword as part of your content too. Remember to choose the keywords with the highest search volume.

Higher Click through Rate

It does not matter if it is in your email, in your landing page or in your blog, the highly targeted semantic keyword will help you dramatically improve your click through rate since the elements of the conversion funnel is in line with the keyword semantically.

Low Minimum Bids

There will be higher relevance pointing to your target keyword since the keyword will enhance the lead to lower minimum bids on your pay per click campaigns.

High Quality Score

The search engine will reward your content and your site with high quality score since the keyword itself can be used to lead you to a better ranking.

To sum it up, keep in mind that semantic keyword search is all about finding the right and actual keyword that you can use to gain specific niche in your respective SEO campaigns. The more you understand your target client the better chance you will have  to gain positive result.

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