The Requirements to be a Successful Virtual Assistant

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Virtual Assistant

Today virtual assistance services are very in demand. In fact, most company owners now have their own virtual assistant to help them manage their admin tasks so that they can do other important things. That is why many people are into virtual assistance business because they know that they can really profit from it.

Now, what are the requirements to be a successful VA? Requirement number 1: A masteral degree? No, just kidding! Actually it does NOT matter if you are only a high school or college graduate as long as you have these factors.

Basic Skills:

Excellent computer and internet knowledge – you must have a good typing skill, knows how to surf and find things over the internet, and knows how to use the document, spread sheet, and presentation.
Knows the proper email and phone etiquette.
Good customer service skill
Wide and solid knowledge in administrative tasks.

Advance Skills:

  • Knowledge in web application and graphic design
  • Good marketing skill
  • Skilled in public relation.

MOST Important Skills:

  • Know thyself know what you’re good at, what are you capable of doing, what are your limitations, what makes you unique and what can you offer to clients that will make them want to work with you again.
  • Know your clientsfind out who are they, what are their needs, what are those administrative tasks (even little things at work) that bother them the most, and work on that to get that burden off your clients’ shoulder.

NOTE: DO NOT promise your clients if you cannot do it.

It is even a great advantage if you also know how to do SEO (search engine optimization) and SMO (social media optimization). Most businesses that are availing of VA services also required their VAs to be knowledgeable in SEO and SMO. Since they are all into business and most of them have a website, they surely want to be in the first page of all major search engines.

That way, if they are in the first page, there’s a BIG chance for them to double the numbers of their customers/clients. Huge numbers of customers means BIGGER profit.

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