How SEO Can Help Local Businesses Attract Prospective Customers

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A common misunderstanding of how online marketing works is that one simply has to create a social media account for a business (say a restaurant) and post a bunch of photos, blogs, and updates on that page. After making all the necessary posts and taking all the instagram worthy photos, your business will be an overnight success. However, that is not usually the case.

The reality is that online marketing requires so much more than just having a social media account. To dig deep on how to effectively market your business online, you need to understand how Search Engine Optimization (SEO) works.

SEO is a discipline in marketing that focuses on increasing your online visibility in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). That is, when people use Google, Yahoo, or Bing to search for a good restaurant in your city, SEO will make sure your website is found on the first page of SERPs. This is different from all the Ads you see on SERPs because SEO focuses on the organic (unpaid) contents. The end goal of SEO is to increase traffic in your website and that such increase would later translate to a growth in your sales.

This increase in online traffic, however, needs to attract the right audience. This is why experts in SEO give classification as to the kind of traffic you attract in your website. They call this the quantity traffic and the quality traffic. Quantity traffic refers to the increasing number of visitors online. On the other hand, quality traffic refers to an increase in your website visitors that are actually interested in the product you are offering. Of course, you would want to be able to attract the latter kind of traffic rather than the former.

To do so, you need to have relevant content. When people search for a service that they need, they should be able to find you – not the other way around. This is why having the proper content is very important. You need to be able to match your goal to your audience’s goal in creating your content so that when they search for your business, you will be visible in their SERPs. This could be done by way of using the proper keywords in your content and being able to use these keywords naturally in your content.

Aside from having a sound content, one should be capable of building links. This means that you should be able to connect with other reputable websites to get your business in more social media platforms. Also, this will give your website authority over the product you have since you are connected with so many other different websites. In a way, these websites are endorsing your product.

With so many people using the internet to search for the services they need, making use of SEO services will help them get to you. Your business information will be accessible all day, regardless of wherever they may be. As a result, you will be able to reach many customers and potential customers. This is why a number of SEO experts urge businesses to take advantage of this opportunity to market their business online.

Businesses that offer services are the kind that should utilize these SEO techniques because services are what people constantly search about. People tend to go for the fastest means to do anything which is why they look for options that offer what they need, most especially the following.

Before going out for a nice meal, the trend is to search for it online first – check how the food looks, the menu, the price range, and even read the reviews. People also usually tend to search the internet for a good restaurant to get together with friends, to celebrate mom’s birthday, or to simply treat one’s self out for a nice meal.

Having your information in those first few pages in SERPs could attract many potential customers. Considering that a majority of the customers prefer to check the place and the food first before paying a physical visit in your restaurant, you need to be able to put your information out there.

Legal Services
People used to think only rich people need lawyers. However, more and more people are becoming aware of the fact that lawyers are not just for the rich but also for the ordinary citizens as well. Individuals seeks lawyers for advice on matters like land and family ties, among many others.

Having said that, not many people have lawyers that they could just call anytime which is why having a good website that is visible in SERPs is necessary for you to reach this untapped market.

Medical Services
Looking for a good medical practitioner is hard to find. It usually starts by asking close friends and relatives about the doctor they have. However, most often than not, this would result to having to search online for a practitioner they need. This is not only limited to doctors but also other medical practitioners such as dentists, nutritionists, or pediatricians.

Most people even prefer to book their doctors appointments online because it is much more effortless compared to having to spend an excruciating amount of time waiting at a doctor’s clinic lounge.

Online Business
With the rising popularity of online shopping, online businesses have tripled. Several people opt to shop online to shy away from huge crowds and the hassle of the heavy traffic going home, particularly during the holidays.

Using SEO is a great way to compete with all these online businesses because it allows your information to be readily available to potential customers who are in search for your products. Not only that, you will attract the right people to your website.

Home Improvements
A pipe could burst anytime and this needs urgent attention. As a result, this makes home improvement services one of the most searched businesses online. This ranges from plumbers to carpenters and contractors.

It may not be such a common thing for these services to have an online component in their marketing but the reality is that there are many people browsing through SERPs to avail all these services and you should take advantage of that untapped market as well.

Real Estate
Real estate ads seems to be everywhere – in malls, billboards, radio, and television; now they have expanded their marketing scheme online. Using online marketing is a great way for real estate companies to market their products because you can post photographs of all the previous projects of the company. Unlike in tv ad or malls where individuals can only see a glimpse of their projects, on websites, one can take the time to browse through photos of previous projects.

With SEO, you can showcase what your company has to offer, 24/7.

Similar with the home improvements, mechanic services are quite uncommon to use online marketing. However, because this is an urgent matter that needs to be attended to right away, many people tend to also look for mechanic services online.

All the services mentioned above differs in what they offer but they are similar in a sense that their businesses offer services that is urgent in nature. There is an immediate need that needs to be addressed right away and the tendency is that individuals turn to social media or the internet to search for it online.

SEO is especially good for local businesses – those that depend on their marketing by word of mouth. This is because using SEO is way cheaper than the usual advertisements, whether through television, radio, newspaper, or magazines. Availing these SEO services, especially for local businesses, allows you to market your product in a whole different way. Here in the Philippines we have SEO Outsourcing PH, a company that offers SEO services for businesses. They offer quality and affordable SEO packages to help local businesses like yours thrive in an increasingly competitive market. Check out for more details.

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