Redesigning a Website: How to Still Stay On Top of Your SEO Game

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“New year, new look” – a lot of people have this mantra when the year is starting out but for many website owners, there is a fear of changing how a website looks because of the risk of losing their Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ranking.

A website redesign is needed from time to time so that your website will stay up-to-date with the latest trends and have tweaks for improvements. Additionally, your website is your representation in the online world – and you would want to be represented in the best way, right?

In truth, if you make minor changes on your website, this will not have a huge impact on your SEO ranking. The problem comes when you will include changing your websites architecture and URL since that is one of the main focal points Google has when scanning your website and ranking it on result pages.

However, as much excitement as you might be feeling to redesign your website, before you rush in to change how it looks, consider these aspects first.


Understand Your Website

You need to have an understanding of how your website works. This comes from the content of your website down to its navigation and URL.

In fact, experts suggest you do a crawl on your website before redesigning it. This is so you can get a clear picture of how the URL and content works. Doing so, you will know your website URL is already indexed by Google and this will make the process of redesigning your website run more smoothly.


301 redirect

Your previous URL may look messy but it ranks top on Google result pages and changing your URL will most probably also change that ranking. This is because Google doesn’t know your new URL and still reads the previous one.

The problem comes when people click on your old URL and just see an error page, because of this Google will start removing you on result pages. As a result, people can now have a hard time finding you online. This can be prevented by creating 301 redirect rules because this will inform Google of your new URL.



Backlinks are hard to earn so be careful when changing up your website because you might risk deleting it. This happens when you change your URL because basically, you are deleting your old website and replacing it with a new one (a new URL), so doing this will also result to having (accidentally) deleting your backlinks.


SEO Audit

Before redesigning a website, it is advisable to do an SEO Audit first. Have an expert perform a thorough SEO Audit so you can fully understand what works in your SEO campaign and what does not.

This is extremely important especially if you are planning to move your content to a new Content Management System (CMS). If you move to a new CMS there is a promise of efficiency in the content but this can also plumet your search ranking. Doing the SEO audit will show you a bunch of information as to how the CMS in your website is doing SEO wise.



Changing your website entails changing the content as well, from as simple as the header to the articles itself, and these changes can affect your ranking either positively or negatively.

However, if you are only doing some minor changes, this will not have such a huge impact on your ranking. This impact comes when you change the entire pages, especially those already ranking on search engines.

The thing to remember is to be consistent in your use of keywords, or if you are switching up your keywords, make sure to have similar keyword density in your posts. That said, you do not want to confuse Google with duplicate contents so be extra careful with this.


Clean Up

While you are at it, clean up on unnecessary pages. For example, on WordPress, there are tag pages. These tag pages are somewhat copies of your article (or page) where the topic falls. There are experts that will encourage you to keep these tag pages but there are some that will tell you to redirect them or even hide them. Although having the tag pages around will help index your page, this will be of no value because pages like these are only duplicates of your original page.

You can hide them by including them in robots.txt files, that way Google does not need to run through them but focus on your page instead.


Dry Run

There are Google webmaster tools that will help you know if your website is working. Try running your website to see if Google can read your website.

Redesigning a website is a great way to improve your website’s look and feel, as well as its ranking – that is if it’s done right.

This is why it is important to hire an expert when doing these things because even the slightest mistake can create a huge impact on your SEO ranking. Instead of having the improvements you expected, you risk of losing your online audience.

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