How To Write CURIOTICING SEO Articles

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Writing an SEO type article is never easy, especially if you are writing it to convince readers to visit your website and avail of the services/products you are selling. It is even more critical if you are writing it for someone else’s website! The pressure is there since you know that they are expecting you to write compelling articles that can TOTALLY entice customers to read on and buy whatever they are selling, not to mention being in the first page of all search engines.  It’s like being in war and you as a leader – You must lead your troops to win.

So how did you do that?

Now the question is “HOW TO WRITE WINNING SEO ARTICLES?” There are many tips that you can follow on how to write them the right way.

BUT here are the top 3 ways to write winning SEO articles:


The title is the first thing that readers can see in an article, right? It can either invite readers to read the entire article or ignore it. For you to get their full attention; start with a catchy title — something that can stir up the curiosity of the readers. That way, they will be tempted to read your article. Do you know that curiosity is one of the strongest traits of people? They will never be at ease until they satisfy their curiosities. So make a “CURIOTICING” title! (meaning: enticing title that can trigger the curiosity of the readers)


When you say seo friendly articles, meaning you are following the seo rules on how to write seo type of articles. The human friendly articles on the other hand, are articles that can be easily understood by the readers. Avoid using jargons for they will only confuse the readers and it will be harder for them to grasp what you are trying to say in your articles. Be direct to the point. If something needs to be explained further, explain it in the simplest way. Plus Do not go beating around the bush – that will bore the readers.


“Even if you are writing SEO articles, remember the ones who will read them are HUMANS



You need to put relevant keywords in your article but do not overdo it like in every sentence or paragraph your keyword is present. Too much keywords exposure can hurt your article. Scatter your keywords. You can put one in the first paragraph and then one in the middle and another one in the last paragraph. That way you will NOT be tagged as SPAMMING (or use only one keyword per article). Do take note that relevance is also very important that is why use ONLY keywords that are relevant to your topic.

Now that you know the 3 ways to write CURIOTICING articles, let me give you one VERY important reminder – even if you are writing SEO articles, remember the ones who will read them are HUMANS. The basis of all search engines in evaluating if your articles are worthy of rankings or not is the number of people who click and read them.

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