How Can Technical SEO Help Your Business

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Your business’s website needs to be highly visible for your potential clients to know that it exists, and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the best strategy to use. Aside from its content, there are other SEO work that can help boost your website’s online visibility; this is where technical SEO comes in handy. In fact, it’s laying a strong foundation to give your content the best chance to rank for relevant keywords and phrases, and to improve online visibility. It prepares your website to be easily crawled by Google as well as give it the necessary structural leverage.

What makes a site technically perfect?

2016 saw how people speculated a lot about SEO; there were even some who believed it is dead. However, technical SEO tactics that resulted in major traffic boosts have brought SEO back to life, proving its great role in making your business achieve its ultimate goal.

In 2017, here are some factors that will likely play the biggest part in the success of technical SEO:

The Importance of Checking Indexing

The first thing you need to do is to find out the number of your site’s pages that are indexed by search engines by entering the site in your target search engine or by using an SEO crawler; one example of this is WebSite Auditor.

The ideal number should be largely proportional to the total number of pages on your site, minus those you don’t want indexed. If you find out that there’s a bigger gap than what you expected, then you’ll need to review your disallowed pages.

Make sure important resources are crawlable and optimize crawl budget.

Check your site’s crawlability by simply looking through robots.txt but it does not guarantee accurate results. To ensure that you’ll get more accurate results, you might as well want to use an SEO crawler to get a list of all blocked pages.

You also need to optimize your crawl budget. This refers to the number of a site’s pages that search engines crawl at a specific time. You will learn about this in Google Search Console or in the server logs for a specialized tool like WebLog Expert. The importance of knowing your crawl budget is that, it enables you to find out if there’s a way to increase it.

Technical SEO is such an important aspect of digital marketing as it ensures the following:

  • The Importance of Speed

It is well known that load time is a major factor in search engine optimisation as online users will not wait for a page that takes too long to load. Even you yourself most likely leave a site that keeps you waiting for minutes before you find the information you are looking for. That is why Google encourages businesses to optimise their site for it to load quickly and entice their users to stay.

These days with the increased use of smartphone and mobile browsing, speed has become more relevant. Users want to see the results of their search quickly on their mobile device.

  • The Great Role of Content

It is always said that ‘content is king’ when it comes to SEO. No one can deny this, as good content is the key to good rankings considering that it encourages sharing. However, good content can only work at its best if it is easily found by searchers which again boils down to the idea of having a good site loading speed.

Moreover, Google’s bots only have a limited amount of time to spend on each page of a site, and if they are able to spend their crawling through code, they might not see the great content hidden within. This is the reason why you have to make sure that your website is technically optimized, as a technically optimized website will make that content more easily accessible by having less code and more content.

  • The Necessity of Functionality

Websites is supposed to function well in every browser regardless of the device used, such that when a user clicks on the links in the search results they can find your site and they can enjoy navigating around it. There is a strict code called w3c which measures the way website code should be for it to work correctly on most modern browsers. Though not all websites are using this code, it is still considered very helpful for your site to be highly visible as it helps with SEO.

  • The Importance of Easy Navigation

Technical SEO ensures that website’s navigation is user-friendly, meaning, users will not have a difficult time roaming around your website and find what they are looking for and make a purchase.

This also makes it easy for search engine bots to find their way around and index your site.

  • The Use of Microdata

With technical SEO, you can make search results more appealing by adding micro-data and rich snippets to products. This adds more information to the search results as these kinds of links are more appealing and more likely to result in click-through which is very important for conversion.

  • The Issue with Duplication

Since Google wants you to publish relevant and fresh content all the time, it does not approve of any content duplication. They best show their stance on this during the recent panda updates. Any content taken from other sites or duplicated in your own website on different pages is considered a spam and will not help your online visitor. Therefore, this results in poor ranking on search results. Another thing is that, you should not have a content that is similar to your competitors in order to stand out.

You can best do this through the help of Technical SEO as it allows you to lessen the risk of internally duplicated content across your site. Start by optimising pages, URLs and if there is a need, use canonical references. This way, you will be able to make your website user-friendly. Most importantly, it helps in getting a better rank in SERPs.

Now, obviously, with technical SEO on hand, achieving your ultimate goal to get the ranking that you dream of in SERPs will surely be within reach. If you need professional help from the best outsourcing company in the Philippines, check us out at SEO OUTSOURCING PH by visiting our website

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